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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: webdav-control nodes(folders) to display
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 06:56:20 GMT

i'm not totally sure, if i understand what you are
trying to do. correct me, if my answer points into
a wrong direction.

> My repository structure looks like this - A single workspace, with a few top
> level custom folders like Folder-1, Folder-2 and its children
> Workspace
>> Folder-1 (Child-1.1, Child-1.2, Child-1.3 etc)
>> Folder-2 (Child-2.1, Child-2.2, Child-2.3 etc)
>> Folder-3
> When a user logs in through webdav, we would like to control users access to
> top level folder (and therefore its sub tree). Say user-1 does not have
> access to Folder-1,then Folder-1 (and its subtree) should not be seen on
> webdav login.

but all users are allowed to access the root node?
this seems to be prerequisit to me.

> Any idea how I can do this? 

if you want to have access control taking effect, you
currently have to define that in the underlying JCR
Repository, for the simple webdav layer currently
doesn't support the access control feature.

> We are experimenting with our custom DirListingExportHandler and IOHandler,
> no luck so far.

that looks wrong to me. the IOHandlers are intended
to deal with import/export of resource data and
properties. they should not know anything about
access control.

hope that helps

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