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From "Sergey Kabashnyuk" <ksmml...@gmail.com>
Subject jackrabbit-jcr-tests
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2008 10:31:06 GMT
Hi all.
I have some  questions about jackrabbit-jcr-tests.

First I want to ask about value constrains for boolean properties.
JCR -170 in section 6.7.16 Value Constraints is not paid due
attention to this moment, what can be interpreted as "implementation
can decide to support it or not". But in JCR-283 in section
   strictly specifying what "BOOLEAN has no Constraints"

How do you think, may be its a good idea to move such test as

to jackrabbit-core tests as an implementation depended test?

The next one is about test for "6.4.4 Escaping of Values"
in document view xml mapping. It AbstractImportXmlTest you have two
      protected static final String encodedAttributeValue =
      protected static final String decodedAttributeValue =
Looks like the decodedAttributeValue is a decoded version of
encodedAttributeValue what is actually not.
It should be
    protected static final String decodedAttributeValue =

The other interesting place is in
DocumentViewImportTest.checkImportSimpleXMLTree() method
   This condition is very strange
// both possibilities
if (!propVal.equals(encodedAttributeValue)  ||
!propVal.equals(encodedAttributeValue)) {
may be it means something like  that?
// both possibilities
if (!propVal.equals(decodedAttributeValue)   ||
propVal.equals(encodedAttributeValue)) {


Sergey Kabashnyuk
eXo Platform SAS

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