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From "Wes" <jackrab...@wesware.securebeer.com>
Subject Re: OCM and EMF
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:48:20 GMT
Hi Sandro,

Here are the issues I have run into at this point.

The application has a large ecore model that I would like to utilize OCM
as the persistence manager.

When retrieving objects from the repository, the OCM needs to create EMF
objects.  For @Beans I added an implementationClass to the annotation so
that the correct implementing class would be created and not attempt to
instantiate interface class.  Is this the best solution?

Collections are another issue.  First I got a conflict with the
@Collection annotation with java.util.Collection.  I made a quick change
to that renamed the annotation (for testing) to avoid the collision which
there should be a better way.  When the system encountered a collection I
provided a collectionClass that was an extension of the EcoreBasicList
with ManageableList interface so that the ManageableListUtil would
function correctly.

I would also like to enable the proxy=true for beans and collections.  For
collection that would require the getter to be called to allow for the
creation of the collection appropratly and enhanced for lazy loading.  How
can you specify that the object will autoCreate the collection and only
the get needs to be called to access it?

Thanks for you help!

> Hi Wes,
> what are this aspects? Maybe I can help you.
> Best regards,
> Sandro
> Wes schrieb:
>> I am working with and EMF based application that I am looking to
>> leverage
>> the OCM functionality for repository management.  I have changed some of
>> the OCM code to support this function but there are some aspects that I
>> am
>> not sure are the best approaches.
>> Has anyone implemented Jackrabbit OCM with EMF?
>> What issues if any did you run into?
>> Any examples?
>> Thanks
>> Wes

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