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From "Julio Castillo" <jcasti...@edgenuity.com>
Subject Sample architecture / code
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2008 17:39:27 GMT
I have made the decision to use Jackrabbit as a service from my web
application. (Meaning Model 3).

I have successfully deployed Jackrabbit against a MySQL dB. I can access the
Tomcat server through the sample populate and search jsp files.

I have decided to use WebDav as a mechanism to use it and access it rather
than RMI for simplicity from my web app. I have been looking for sample
code, test code or anything that does from the client side, but I have not
found any.

Two questions.
Is this a common architecture? Is anybody using Jackrabbit as a service?
Second question, any ideas where I can find sample code that uses WebDav
accessing the tomcat/jackrabbit server?
Alternatively, sample code using RMI would be OK, but rather not use that


Julio Castillo

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