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From "Matej Knopp" <matej.kn...@gmail.com>
Subject ReferentialIntegrityException not being recoverable
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2008 18:09:04 GMT

I have a problem with referential integrity. When attempting to remove
node that is referenced by other nodes I get a
ReferentialIntegrityException. So far so good. But when I catch the
exception and want to work with the node, i get
c47e08bd-ac12-4565-8b32-347062c780ed: the item does not exist anymore.

Looks like the item is still marked as removed within the session.
That would make sense to me if I could revert the deletion by calling
.refresh(false). However refresh(false) called on node, parent or
session after the ReferentialIntegrityException doesn't help.

I'm using latest trunk.



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