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From "Leander Reimer" <leander.rei...@vva-networks.de>
Subject Storing "traditional entites" in the repository
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2008 15:35:45 GMT

I am currently evaluating Jackrabbit as a content repository for an asset
management system. Fine so far. 
Now I also need to store other objects which I would not really classify as
content, like company or user "entities" with the usual dependencies, which
I would usually persist using ORM tools like Hibernate or JPA.

Being new to the topic of content modelling I was wondering whether it is a
good idea to store these objects also in the JCR repository? Or should I
keep the 2 approaches separated.

Was JCR/Jackrabbit ever meant to store "traditional entities" or should it
only be used to store "real content" such as images, web pages, ...? 

Thanks for any advice and recommendations.

Best regards,

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