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From Brad <jackrab...@javawork.co.uk>
Subject webdav lock tokens
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2008 16:51:45 GMT

we're running some tests where we are locking a directory before we
write a file an unlock after the write is complete. After
investigating a problem we've been having, we've noticed that
sometimes we get an "opaque" lock token from the server. Normally we
get something like this:

<D:prop xmlns:D="DAV:"><D:lockdiscovery><D:activelock><D:lockscope><D:exclusive/></D:lockscope><D:locktype><D:write/></D:locktype><D:depth>0</D:depth><D:timeout>Second-2147483</D:timeout><D:owner>Admin</D:owner><D:locktoken><D:href>29001f9b-1aaa-4252-9fae-9d9d9b2c14a8-3</D:href></D:locktoken></D:activelock></D:lockdiscovery></D:prop>

...but every so often we get this:

<D:prop xmlns:D="DAV:"><D:lockdiscovery><D:activelock><D:lockscope><D:exclusive/></D:lockscope><D:locktype><D:write/></D:locktype><D:depth>0</D:depth><D:timeout>Second-20</D:timeout><D:locktoken><D:href>opaquelocktoken:4ad983e1-a1ec-4304-8879-91b263adfd4a</D:href></D:locktoken></D:activelock></D:lockdiscovery></D:prop>

Which is bad when we attempt the unlock as the server returns a HTTP
419 Locked.

Anyway, I guess my question is do we need to do something extra with
this token? We've looked in the WebDAV spec and are none the wiser as
to what it means and why we are getting a different token format.


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