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From "Manolo Gomez Lopez" <performa...@gmail.com>
Subject Registering custom node types in jackrabbit
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2008 15:17:00 GMT

   We have a jackrabbit server deployed using model 3 (as stated in
jackrabbit's site). We get the repository via RemoteRepository.

   We are facing the problem of not been able to register neither
nodetypes nor namespaces as the remote interface lacks of the
appropriate methods.

   Someone posted in this list that the solution for this problem
resides in changing jackrabbit's used factories:

   "Ah, sorry, my mistake. To be able to use the Jackrabbit-specific
features you need to use the JackrabbitClientAdapterFactory [1] and
JackrabbitServerAdapterFactory [2] classes in your client and server
code instead of the standard ClientAdapterFactory and
ServerAdapterFactory classes. The reason for this is to keep the
jackrabbit-api dependency optional for clients and servers that don't
need or implement this functionality."

   Please, can anyone help us giving some hints on how to get this
scenario configured in a jboss jackrabbit environment, where our RMI
clients will be able to register node types and namespaces without the
need of administering the jackrabbit server?


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