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From "Julio Castillo" <jcasti...@edgenuity.com>
Subject First time deployment of Jackrabbit 1.4.1
Date Fri, 29 Feb 2008 18:05:27 GMT
I have cruised through the documentation, through the mailing lists and for
the life of me I can't find the how to.

My objective is simple. Deploy Jackrabbit using Model 3 using MySQL as a

1) Deployed jcr1.0.jar file and the jackrabbit-webapp-1.4.war file.

2) I started tomcat with no other changes and it failed after opening up the
war file.
"28.02.2008 17:43:05 *ERROR* RepositoryStartupServlet: Repository startup
configuration is not valid but a bootstrap config is specified.
(RepositoryStartupServlet.java, line 366)"

It appears to be looking for the repository.xml which is not in the war file
even though comments on the documentation state that both the
bootstrap.properties file and a repository.xml files are in the templates
directory (only the bootstrap.properties file was there). Did I miss
something here?

3) Moving on. I did find a sample repository.xml in the web.
I changed the PM on the sample file I found from using

- I couldn't find documentation on how to configure the repository.xml file.
I found some samples, so I went ahead and changed the value of the "url"
parameter. Where/how do I specify the user-name/password?

- Also what is the difference between using a "bundle" version vs a "db"
version of the persistence manager?

Hints or pointers to documentation are appreciated.


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