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From "Oloan, Aidan" <aol...@edmunds.com>
Subject Auto creating navigational nodes
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2008 02:07:09 GMT
I have a tree structure containing some nodes which are OCM mapped
directly to my domain classes, but it also contains other structural
nodes which exist purely for performance and usability reasons. 


      | V6
      |  |
      |   \Maintenance

In the above example, I want the 'V6' and 'V8' nodes to be simple
nt:unstructured nodes to aid navigation, and for that reason they don't
have a domain model class. I have a domain model class for Maintenance
which contains the engine type. Can I configure OCM to create the V6 and
V8 nodes automatically if they do not exist when saving a new
Maintenance object?

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