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From Mark Nüßler <mark.nuess...@9elements.com>
Subject tomcat + axis2 + jackrabbit
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2008 23:14:27 GMT
hello users,

i am new to jr and jcr170 - sry for stupid beginner questions.

i have a tomcat6 with axis2 running and an axis2 ws-service that
has access to jr through a lib.

+ tomcat-folder
  + bin
   + my-jr-repository
  + conf
   - web.xml (tomcat)
  + webapps
   + axis2
    + services
     - my-ws-service.aar
    + lib
     - my-jr-lib.jar
     - jr-lib files ...
  - web.xml (axis2)

everything works fine, but now i want to access the repository during
tomcat and axis2 are running, cause i am trying to archiv some nodes of 
the repository. cause of the lock, this doesn't seem to be possiple.
i saw that there are different deployment models. i don't know, if i 
could say, that i am using model-1, cause i haven't modified web.xml of 
tomcat, but i think so!?

in my understanding, i have to use deployment model-2 and the
war-file of jr - correct ?
question, is there another way to have a model-2 and using my existing
jr-lib embedded in axis2 ?

up till now i am using 
do i have to use somthing else instead ?

Best Regards


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