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From Luca Dall'Olio <ldallo...@unimaticaspa.it>
Subject Re: limit number of open sessions
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2008 18:39:05 GMT
Anton Gavazuk wrote:
> You can write your own "SessionProvider" which will realize constraint
> for sessions count
> 2008/2/14, Ivan Latysh <ivanlatysh@gmail.com>:
>> Luca Dall'Olio wrote:
>>  > is there any way to configure the maximum number of open session in a
>>  > jackrabbit repository server?
>>  > This imho could be useful to avoid a bugged rmi client to cause an "out
>>  > of memory" into the server, and help understanding the problem
>> Wrap them in a pool. Take, for instance, jakarta commons pool, they have a few
>>  pool implementations that will work for you.
Thank you very much for your prompt answer, I had hoped for a server 
side solution; I will implement the commons pool solution as you kindly 


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