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From Marcel Reutegger <marcel.reuteg...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: XPath query performance yet another time.
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2008 08:11:22 GMT
Alex Lukin wrote:
> My test results below.
> About repository content. It is quite simple. Repository contains small
> articles (topics) in category hierarchy. Topic itself is node with properties
> and few subnodes. Hierarchy of categories has 3-5 levels.  My tests was
> conducted on appr. 1000 topic nodes in appr. 40 categories. Categories are
> created by user so I can not know how much levels hierarchy has.
> Queries and execution times:
> 1.  "/jcr:root/myContent/en/topics//*/my:topic" - 110 seconds.
 > 2. "//topics/*/my:topic"  - 43 seconds

performance for queries 1 and 2 should be better with the recent changes from 

 > 3.  "//element(my:topic)"  - 12 seconds.

how many results are returned? is the time measured executing the query or does 
it include iterating over the result set? did you set respectDocumentOrder to 
false in workspace.xml? how much time does it take to execute the following 
query: //element(my:topic) order by @jcr:score

> If query contains some parameters times do not go much worse. There's almost
> no disk activity and processor load is 100% during query execution. Must be
> mentioned that repository reading by webdav browser is quite fast even in
> time of query execution.
> My quick and dirty function that just traverses  all tree from
> /jcr:root/myContent/en/topics  without any caching gives result in 120 ms
> first time and 30 ms next times.
> I tested SQL queries and performance approximately is between query #2 and
> #3.  Should be said that SQL is quite buggy and cannot be used.

if you find bugs in SQL please report them as jira issues. thank you.


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