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From Lorenzo Dini <Lorenzo.D...@cern.ch>
Subject Re: Some performance questions about Jackrabbit
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 16:42:07 GMT
Thank you very much for the really appreciated answers!


> The BundleDbPersistenceManagers support blob store (externalBLOBs). Is
> there a problem with this feature?

I know, but since I was planning to move, I would prefer to move also to 
the DataStore.

The BLOB store have problems with the backups because the files removed 
after the last backup are lost and it is not possible to restore 
completely the snapshot done at the moment of the backup.


 > The only way is to create a script to change the blobs structure to
 > the new DataStore structure but for this I need a mapping Node UUID ->
 > md5

 > You would need a way to import binaries using the SHA-1 value. We will
 > probably need some more functionality to do this.

I guess I will have to deserialize the DB nodes in order to get the 
reference to the DataStore. Or I can hack the Property class to get the 
RAW property with the SHA-1 from the node.



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