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From Alex Lukin <lu...@stu.cn.ua>
Subject Re: "trivial" OCM init code
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 09:35:36 GMT
Wednesday 06 February 2008 10:53:25 Christophe Lombart написав:
> Thanks,
> I will added in Confluence.
By the way, is new website available somewhere?

> Such "trivial" setup of OCM, folks! :).
> The problem is that the node type creation is specific to the
> implementation and we would like to set OCM more independant.
> Let's try to find a solution to drop the ocm:discriminator.

Well one of the beauties of OOP is hidden implementation. May be you can just hide this setup
code somewhere  behind the scene.
I don not think that ocm:discriminator such a bad solution. Anyway we need to know which class
of which version used to create the node.
BTW, I think that class version info must be present in repository and checked.

SY, Alex Lukin

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