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From Paco Avila <pav...@git.es>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit web page scroll is sloooooow
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2008 17:36:05 GMT

El mié, 27-02-2008 a las 12:17 -0500, Sean Callan escribió:
> Hi,
> I'm using FF2 on Ubuntu and the issue does not appear to be website related
> but rather Ubuntu.  It may be a recent update they pushed but I've been
> having issues with FF crawling and at points even locking up.  There appear
> to be no issues in Windows using Safari, FF2, FF3, IE7.
> You may want to try the Ubuntu mailing list or IRC channel to track the
> issue down.

I know, 

background-attachment: fixed;

works really bad on Firefox (not only under Ubuntu). So, please, remove
this css attribute.
Paco Avila <pavila@git.es>
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