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From Daniel <daniel.rampane...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Custom WebDAV servlet
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 23:49:10 GMT
it helps a lot, I'll dig into the structure of Jackrabbit and hope to
get it working!

thank you very much for your help ;-)


On 12/5/07, Angela Schreiber <anchela@day.com> wrote:
> hi daniel
> > in a more abstract way, I don't really understand how to realize a
> > WebDAV access, through a servlet, to an already existent
> > filesystem/storage/database (in this case a Subversion repository).
> means: you don't care about the JCR repository, since you want
> to use the Subversion repository, right?
> in this case i would rather not extend from the SimpleWebdavServlet
> but from the AbstractWebDavServlet, since that former already creates
> a dependency to JCR by defining that there will be a JCR session.
> most certainly don't need that at all.
> you will find the AbstractWebDavServlet in the jackrabbit-webdav project
> (trunk) or in jackrabbit-jcr-server (in case of an older, released
> version). it defines some abstract methods covering the implementation
> details:
> - factory for the DavResource objects
> - factory for the locators
> - DavSessionProvider, where DavSession is basically a simple container
>    to transport lock tokens.
> the DavResource is intended to have at least some minimal knowledge
> about the underlying repository. so, you will probably have to
> define your own implementation (and the corresponding factory).
> in case your are coming from slide:
> the webdav library present in the jackrabbit project is intended
> not to make any assumptions regarding the structure or the nature
> of the underlying data storage. this is left to the implementation.
> instead they define the functionlity required for the webdav-server.
> maybe the code present in the o.a.j.webdav.simple and in o.a.j.server.io
> can give you some hints... but i would not try to use it as is,
> as long as you don't have a JCR repository underneith.
> hope that helps
> angela

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