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From Daniel <daniel.rampane...@gmail.com>
Subject Custom WebDAV servlet
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2007 15:18:36 GMT
Hi to everyone,

I'm developing a Java Servlet which should give the ability to
interact via WebDAV with a Subversion repository. The problem is that
the framework is quite complex and I got lost.

I've successfully subclassed the SimpleWebdavServlet class and I'm
able to create a TransientRepository (using a XML configuration file).
I've also started to work on a custom FileSystem, but I'm quite unsure
which components I've to "touch" in order to get everything working

I've the need to create a "virtual" filesystem (based on some
temporary property of the Subversion repository) and the only data
source for the data should be the repository itself.

I hope someone can give me some hints.

Thanks in advance,

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