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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: Custom WebDAV servlet
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2007 10:09:10 GMT
hi daniel

> in a more abstract way, I don't really understand how to realize a
> WebDAV access, through a servlet, to an already existent
> filesystem/storage/database (in this case a Subversion repository).

means: you don't care about the JCR repository, since you want
to use the Subversion repository, right?

in this case i would rather not extend from the SimpleWebdavServlet
but from the AbstractWebDavServlet, since that former already creates
a dependency to JCR by defining that there will be a JCR session.
most certainly don't need that at all.

you will find the AbstractWebDavServlet in the jackrabbit-webdav project 
(trunk) or in jackrabbit-jcr-server (in case of an older, released 
version). it defines some abstract methods covering the implementation

- factory for the DavResource objects
- factory for the locators
- DavSessionProvider, where DavSession is basically a simple container
   to transport lock tokens.

the DavResource is intended to have at least some minimal knowledge
about the underlying repository. so, you will probably have to
define your own implementation (and the corresponding factory).

in case your are coming from slide:
the webdav library present in the jackrabbit project is intended
not to make any assumptions regarding the structure or the nature
of the underlying data storage. this is left to the implementation.
instead they define the functionlity required for the webdav-server.

maybe the code present in the o.a.j.webdav.simple and in o.a.j.server.io
can give you some hints... but i would not try to use it as is,
as long as you don't have a JCR repository underneith.

hope that helps

> I've discovered the FileSystem interface, and tried to play a little
> with it, but without success.
> Best regards,
> Daniel
> On 12/5/07, Angela Schreiber <anchela@day.com> wrote:
>> hi daniel
>> not sure whether i understand your requirements.
>> can you explain in other words what you want to
>> achieve?
>> angela
>> Daniel wrote:
>>> Hi to everyone,
>>> I'm developing a Java Servlet which should give the ability to
>>> interact via WebDAV with a Subversion repository. The problem is that
>>> the framework is quite complex and I got lost.
>>> I've successfully subclassed the SimpleWebdavServlet class and I'm
>>> able to create a TransientRepository (using a XML configuration file).
>>> I've also started to work on a custom FileSystem, but I'm quite unsure
>>> which components I've to "touch" in order to get everything working
>>> correctly.
>>> I've the need to create a "virtual" filesystem (based on some
>>> temporary property of the Subversion repository) and the only data
>>> source for the data should be the repository itself.
>>> I hope someone can give me some hints.
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Daniel

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