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From Alex Lukin <lu...@stu.cn.ua>
Subject Re: How to covert string to legal node name?
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2007 11:21:32 GMT
Hi there!
> Hi,
> On Dec 1, 2007 4:24 PM, Alex Lukin <lukin@stu.cn.ua> wrote:
> > At least we need path encoding that does not confuse webdav and produces
> > more or less human-readeble node names
> Does the encoding need to work both ways? Could you for example store
> the user-entered name as a string property of the folder node and use
> a simplified version as the name of the node?

It is desirable but not mandatory ofcourse. UI can just warn user anout 
illegal chars.

> Alternatively, can you explicitly restrict the special characters from
> being used in folder names? Basically the problem is the same as when
> naming files or folders in a normal file system.
Yes you right but the point is: 6 chars in JCR 283 not all chars that 
jackrabbit refuses to use as node name. Additional chars are \" , \', \\. 
URLs are much more restrictive so if we use nodename for example with \& or \? 
we get kicked out.  WebDav is main method for binary data access so IMHO we 
need the same restrictions for node names. BTE, standard converter makes 
cyrillic names totally unreadable.

Sure it works with user-defined one way or two way conversion routine but it 
should be  expicitly said and documented which characters are illegal.

> BR,
> Jukka Zitting

SY, Alex Lukin

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