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From ossi petz <ossip...@hallo.ms>
Subject Re: [OT] webdav client libraries for Java?
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2007 14:11:30 GMT
Hallo jackrabbit :)

The slide is retired pointer has brought me here too. So the question 
may not be that OT as indicated in the subject.

but back to my stupid questions. i am looking for a webdav client too.

from what i found:
  - Commons VFS, but it relies on slide too. so its not future safe
  - A commercial http client:
    lets say quite expensive.
  - (slide webdav client)

Are there some instructions on how to use apache http client with the 
jackrabbit webdav extensions? i was too stupid to find any documentation 
or examples.

Does Java-RMI Webdav mean you can only connect to certain servers? Or 
does that not matter? So one could connect to any other webdav server 
(Apache HTTPD/DAV)?

Thanks for any input



Angela Schreiber schrieb:
> use the extensions
> to commons-httpclient that are present in the jackrabbit-webdav
> project... they cover the methods defined by rfc 2518, 3253,
> 3648, 3744, dasl but have never been put together to a complete
> dav-client. hinthint ;)

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