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From "Matthew Fulford" <matt.fulf...@pfiks.com>
Subject Import UUID Behavior
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2007 09:46:45 GMT
I'm developing a utility that can perform export and import tasks on
content repositories, the main purposes being backup/restore and
migrating content from dev>staging>production.

The export task exports a node called Content (mix:referenceable) at the
repository root using system view, and the import task imports the
Content node from the exported XML file into the root node. The import
everything seems to be working as expected.

My question is: what if the Content node already exists but has a
different UUID to the incoming Content node? Will the existing node
still be removed by the import prior to adding the incoming version?

Also, out of interest, is item UUID generation based on anything
specific or is it random? Will a node called Content at the root always
have the same UUID?


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