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From Michael Wechner <michael.wech...@wyona.com>
Subject Re: Full text search/queries
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2007 14:34:29 GMT
Ard Schrijvers wrote:

>>after spending quite some time on figuring out what might be 
>>wrong, I wanted to ask if somebody on this mailing list has 
>>any pointers what I might be doing wrong.
>let me know wether you have any results. 

Marcel's hint helped to fix it

>Furthermore out of curiosity: are you using jackrabbit in combination
>with Lenya/Cocoon? 

no. Some time ago I have started a (my ;-) minimal content repository 
API, basically something like

Node[] nodes = Repository.search("hello");

without all the "overhead", whereas don't get me wrong, I think JCR is 
great, but for "smaller" applications I am bit overwhelmed with JCR.

But anyway I finally found the time to implement JCR beneath the API 
above :-)

In case you are interested in the source


U: anonymous
P: anonymous

or you might also download it via Maven


whereas the latest JCR implemenation is not available via Maven yet, but 
hopefully tonight



>Regards Ard
>>Michael Wechner
>>Wyona      -   Open Source Content Management   -    Apache Lenya
>>http://www.wyona.com                      http://lenya.apache.org
>>michael.wechner@wyona.com                        michi@apache.org
>>+41 44 272 91 61

Michael Wechner
Wyona      -   Open Source Content Management - Yanel, Yulup
michael.wechner@wyona.com, michi@apache.org
+41 44 272 91 61

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