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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: Coming from Slide...
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2007 18:23:29 GMT
hi arne

> So I'm evaluating the Jackrabbit WebDAV-Server:
> Does it support ACL? Can one enable ACL support? 
> Does it support ACL inheritance? 
> Am I able to use roles for an ACE?

the webdav-library (jackrabbit-webdav) provides code that
allows to implement a server compliant to RFC 3744.

the current simple server does not provide such an implementation
due to that fact, that it is designed to run on any jsr 170 compliant 
repository and the mentioned jsr 170 does not specify access control 


> Does it support BIND?

no. not yet.

> Is it possible to implement a plugin that will be called at configured
> events? For implementing that hit counter for instance...

the library defines a subscription and polling for events.
this is currently used within the spi2dav project present
in the sandbox. but not in the simple server.

> Is it possible to edit/write content with authentication and just read
> the that content without authentication?

that should be possible. there is a init-param with the
existing webdav servlets (missing-auth-mapping), that defines
how the server should deal with missing authentication.

that used to work for me with the spi2dav 'client' (see above),
where i use both anonymous read-access (without autentication)
and read-write-access as soon as the a user performed a login.

> Are there any workarounds for that?
> Is there a webdav related documentation for Jackrabbit?

not really.
to get started i would take a look at the jackrabbit-webdav
project (webdav library without dependency to JCR) and
to the 'normal' webdav-server ('simple') which is present
in the jackrabbit-jcr-server project.

feel free to post questions in the devlist, open jira issues
or document your findings in the jackrabbit-wiki.

contributions both code- and docu-wise are welcome.


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