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From Przemo Pakulski <przemo.pakul...@cognifide.com>
Subject Re: CacheManager problem
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2007 11:48:22 GMT
>> Recently I exposed public method on CacheManager which allows to setup
>> resize interval programatically.
> I saw that, but I think it is the wrong way to solve the given
> problem. In my view, it may be dangerous to change the resize
> interval, because with a higher interval out of memory can occur, and
> with a lower interval then the time required to resize grows.

I agree with your comment on JIRA completely : 'For me, the CacheManager 
is a workaround; if possible the number of caches should be reduced to one.'

But in short term, ability to change this interval allows me to 
experiment and set it to value working for me (1 second is not ideal 
interval for all deployments).

Cheers, Przemo

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