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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: JCR WebDAV Question
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2007 07:54:06 GMT
qcfireball wrote:
> Has anyone successfully used the WebDAV client for authoring new content
> within the JCR?

"the WebDAV client"? which client are you talking about?
and which servlet are you refering too?

>   > creating new properties on a node and populating them with plain text
>   > creating new binary nodes containing arbitrary documents:  word, pdf,
> bmp, gif, jpeg, etc....
>   > allowing multiple people collaborate on the creation and editing of this
> content

the 'simple' dav servlet behaves pretty much as defined by
rfc 2518 including PROPPATCH and LOCK/UNLOCK. however, with this
servlet you cannot operate on nodes and properties directly.
instead it's the set of IO- and PropertyHandlers (see config)
that is in charge of creating/modifying/removing jcr nodes
and properties and exposing them to the webDAV layer.

in contrast the 'jcr-server-servlet' is designed to be used
for remoting jcr api calls via http. the protocoll (i.e. matching
jcr and webdav) is defined in the document

the protocol is not defined to perfectly match the expectations
of existing webdav clients...

and to answer you questions:

i successfully used both servlets.
- the simple for 'standard' (filebased) webdav
- the jcr-server within the spi2dav contribution (see sandbox/spi)


> I suspect a new custom WebDAV  servlet is required, but I am hoping the ones
> that come with Jackrabbit already provide this.
>  I have tried, with little success, of making this work as though the WebDAV
> "folder" is a regular filesystem.  The repository side node and property
> types are not the types that I would have expected.  Again, I suspect
> because that is the way the servlets are setup.

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