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From "Mike Oliver" <moli...@corenttech.com>
Subject JackRabbit WebDAV
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2007 02:26:42 GMT
Coming from Jakarta Slide and trying to embrace JackRabbit.


I installed the 1.3.3 war file and created a workspace by copying the
'default' workspace and when I access 




I access it as anonymous:anonymous and I can see the default and my copy I
named 'corent' under this URL when I mount it as a network place.


I assume that the user anonymous doesn't have write permission so that user
cannot create a folder or drop a document on that web folder.


I know that JackRabbit isn't the same as Jakarta Slide and not expecting it
to be, but one thing we did right on that project was create a runnable war
file that doesn't require any learning curve to get started.  Install the
war file, create the network place and login as the root:root user and start
creating content folders and documents.  If JackRabbit did that, then I
think more people would try it and use it and then spend the time to learn
how to make it all it can be.


As it stands now, it isn't trivial at all to start using right away, and it
should in my opinion as that will build confidence and interest.  






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