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From Noah Vihinen <nvihi...@maven.net>
Subject Re: Rebuild Lucene Index For Clustered Node
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 13:57:57 GMT
I really wish someone could confirm my findings, as there doesn't  
seem to be documentation on this.  If I've missed the documentation,  
can someone please point me to it?

Our current understanding is this.  No matter what, when search  
indexes are removed on a clustered jackrabbit node, the indexes are  
rebuilt from the persistent node/property/value states in the DB,  
ignoring the journal table.  Following that, everything from the  
local journal revision number (in the revision file) up to the latest  
existing revision is replayed.  If the revision file has been  
removed, a new one is created with revision 0, which results in every  
entry in the journal table being replayed.

Is all of this correct?


On Oct 12, 2007, at 11:30 AM, Noah Vihinen wrote:

> I want to confirm the behavior of lucene search index rebuilding in  
> a clustered environment.  Our clustered environment is configured  
> to use the database journal table to keep the nodes in sync.  When  
> one node rebuilds its lucene search index, does it rebuild it by  
> replaying every relevant change in the journal table?
> In our experience this is true.  Assuming this is the case, is  
> there any way to 'reset' the journal table, and make the lucene  
> search indexes rebuild off of the actual persistent node/property/ 
> vale state in the DB, rather than the journal table entries?
> Thanks,
> Noah

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