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From "Thomas Mueller" <thomas.tom.muel...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Lucene Indexing error
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 13:44:28 GMT

> It is tough to provide a test case, as I mentioned, the indexing succeeds
> some times, and fails during other occasions.

That's OK, we just let the test run a few times (or add a loop) and we
should be able to reproduce it. If not, there may be a difference in
the environment, we can find that out later on.

> These parameters remain
> fixed:
> Java version : 1.5
> OS : Win XP
> File System : NTFS
> File System that is configured for Jackrabbit: LocalFileSystem
> Multiple session : NO
> Multiple threads : NO
> Multiple workspaces : NO
> Versioning : NO

This is a very common setup.

> Operation : session.save()

Also important is: what operations were executed before session.save?

If possible, the test case should include all operations since
creating the repsitory (a self contained test case), and should be the
smallest set of operations that are required to reproduce the problem.

> If not, I shall log the bug.

That would be great!

Thanks for your help!

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