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From "Prakash Reddy K. L. V." <Prakas...@Sun.COM>
Subject Setting OnParentVersion attribute of a node/property using JCR API
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2007 12:20:25 GMT
Hi all,

According to the JSR-170, the "onParentVersion" attribute of the 
property/node specifies what happens to this property/node if a new 
version of its parent node is checked-in/checked out.
I want to set the "onParentVersion" attribute of the child nodes of a 
versionable node to "COPY" programmatically from my code.
But the problem is I can't find any "setOnParentVersion()" in the JCR api.
I don't want to use jackrabbit specific code since I want my code to 
work with any JSR-170 compliant repository.

I want to do something like this :

	  Node parent= root.addNode("parent", "nt:unstructured");
          parent.setProperty("anyProperty", "Blah");

	  Node child = parent.addNode("child", "nt:unstructured");
	  //child.setOnParentVersion(OnParentVersionAction.COPY); This is not possible using JCR
API. How can it be done?
          Version firstVersion = parent.checkin();

	  So when the checkin is called on the parent all its child nodes data should also be 
	  saved in the version history.

I would really appreciate if someone could suggest how to accomplish this since it is very
critical for my project
to get the versionable functionality.

Thanks & Regards,
Prakash Reddy

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