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From <nick_stolw...@planet.nl>
Subject Problem with webdav and system user
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2007 07:44:16 GMT
In our application we have Jackrabbit 1.3.1. We try to get write rights through webdav, but
can't get it right. In our repository.xml we have the following security section:

	<Security appName="Jackrabbit">
			access manager:
			class: FQN of class implementing the AccessManager interface
			<!-- <param name="config" value="${rep.home}/access.xml"/> -->

			<!-- anonymous user name ('anonymous' is the default value) -->
			<param name="anonymousId" value="anonymous" />
				default user name to be used instead of the anonymous user
				when no login credentials are provided (unset by default)
			<!-- <param name="defaultUserId" value="superuser"/> -->

And our web.xml is also configured:
        <description>The webdav servlet that connects HTTP request to the repository.</description>

            <description>defines the prefix for spooling resources out of the repository.</description>

                Defines how a missing authorization header should be handled. 1) If this init-param
is missing, a 401 response is generated. This is suiteable for clients (eg.
                webdav clients) for which sending a proper authorization header is not possible
if the server never sent a 401. 2) If this init-param is present with an empty
                value, null-credentials are returned, thus forcing an null login on the repository.
3) If this init-param has a 'user:password' value, the respective simple
                credentials are generated.

            Optional parameter to define the value of the 'WWW-Authenticate' header
            <param-value>Basic realm="Jackrabbit Webdav Server"</param-value>
            Defines the value of the 'WWW-Authenticate' header.
            Parameter used to configure behaviour of webdav resources such as:
            - destinction between collections and non-collections
            - resource filtering
            <description>Defines various dav-resource configuration parameters.</description>

Where the servlet-class is a straight copy of the Jackrabbit class.

With this configuration we are able to list the files in a WebDAV browser (like Konquerer),
for example on webdav://localhost/context/repository/default. Also, when we try to log on
with system (webdav://system@localhost/context/repository/default) we get the listing, but
we are not allowed to do any file modification (move, delete, create, adjust).

In earlier versions of Jackrabbit we were allowed to do file modifications. Is this changed
somehow? And how can we change files through webdav at the moment?

With regards,

Nick Stolwijk

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