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From "Alexander Nesterov" <alex.maddri...@gmail.com>
Subject A question about versioning when OnParentVersion=VERSION
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2007 14:39:37 GMT

I don't fully understand how versioning works for nodes that have
OnParentVersion attributes set to "VERSION". I have a versionable
parent node with a child node versioned by it's own. When a new
version of parent node is created it has a subnode representing the
child node. The problem is that the child node has only
jcr:childVersionHistory property which is a reference to it's version
history but not a references to any particular version. Why the
reference to version history but not to the particular version of
child node is created? Without information about particular version
it's impossible to revert parent and child nodes in future to the
exact current state. Maybe i don't understand the design of versioning
in JCR?

Alexander Nesterov

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