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From "Ard Schrijvers" <a.schrijv...@hippo.nl>
Subject RE: case insensitve searches
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 11:09:39 GMT

is it a search, like a jcr:contains? In principal, when you did not configure otherwise, jackrabbit
uses lucene StandardAnalyzer for indexing text, and this analyzer converts to lowercase, so
yes, when the tet was "Big" and you search for "big" or "Big" you get the same hits

When testing for equality in xpath, I think from the top of my head that it is case sensitive
(though you can very easily test this yourself in a jr unit test).

Regards Ard 

> Hi,
> I saw from earlier messages that there is a function 
> 'fn:lower-case' to
> allow searches to be done by making search criteria lower 
> case, but I need
> something a bit less constrained. We have data in a 
> repository that has a
> title with case, and an input box that our users can input 
> values to search
> on (for said title). They may not be sure of the case of the 
> title, so we
> need to do a case insensitive search.
> ie.
> Stored as: "The Big Company"
> Input as: Big company
> and see a hit in the results. Does jackrabbit support this?
> Thanks alot!
> Mark

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