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From "Hendrik Beck \(camunda\)" <hendrik.b...@camunda.com>
Subject [OCM] Binary values from byte[] field
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 13:22:29 GMT

I am using JCR-OCM and have to store binaries in Jackrabbit. Therefore I
have a class BinaryDocument which has a property "byte[] data". The class is
being mapped to a node with node type "nt:resource" and the data property is
mapped to its field "jcr:property". Furthermore I have properties encoding,
lastModified and mimeType mapped to their counterparts in nt:resource.

Ok, I am accessing Jackrabbit via RMI which is the reason why I used byte[]
as data type for the actual binary data. What I do in my client is reading a
file (let's say a PDF) into a byte array, put that byte array into my
BinaryDocument object, send it over RMI to my stateless session bean, which
then persists it via Jackrabbit-OCM.

Now if I load this data again from my session bean and write it back into a
file I can't open it anymore. I assume there is some encoding / charset
mismatch somewhere on the way. As I only read and write byte arrays I
thought there's no operation in my client that actually changes the binary
stream in any way. Looking at the OCM sources I saw that
ByteArrayTypeConverterImpl creates the JCR value as follows:

  String value = new String(byte[]) propValue);

Is it possible that this operation is being done using the wrong charset for
my file?

Well, that's just a wild guess, I could honestly be totally wrong. I would
be thankful for any pointers. Are there people doing the same, like storing
binaries with OCM using byte[] for the jcr:data? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

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