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From Kristian Rink <kaw...@zimmer428.net>
Subject Re: [OT] JCR and legacy systems?
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 12:23:45 GMT

Hello everyone;

and, first off, thanks loads for all your inspiring feedback which,
well, by now provided me with a bunch of more things to take into

- Initially, Level 1 JCR compliance will be completely sufficient for
what we do here. At the moment, having write access to the full
document base in our system from the web tier is by no means required,
and as soon as we get there, we possibly will have gained some
experience dealing with JCR.

Am Sat, 8 Sep 2007 11:30:26 +0200
schrieb "David Nuescheler" <david@day.com>:
> At Day Software we for example ship connectors to
> the following systems:
> EMC Documentum V5.2.5, V5.3
> FileNet P8 Content Manager 3.5
> IBM Lotus Notes V6.5, V7.0
> Interwoven TeamSite 6.5
> Microsoft SharePoint 2003
> OpenText Livelink 9.5, 9.6, 9.7
> Vignette V7.3.0.5

- This is a good list to start, unfortunately the DMS we're using
right here (old-fashioned COI BusinessFlow 4X) is not on this list. I
am pondering the idea of building a simple JCR access to this beast
myself; even though, this makes me think of another question - whether
to consider a "generic" view on the DMS itself or "just" a view on the
structure we built into it using our customizing code... 

> I agree with Jukka that the SPI route seems to be the most effective
> approach to get to a "Level 2 and up" connector. This is also the
> approach that we are using at Day for rolling out the "Level 2 and
> up" features into our connectors.

- Yes, I guess this is the way I will try things then, as well. So far,
this is mainly thought of as being a "proof of concept" implementation,
so everthing likely to ease this way is warmly welcome. ;)

Anyway, thanks loads for your hints, much appreciated! :)
Cheers & kindest regards,

Kristian Rink * http://zimmer428.net * http://flickr.com/photos/z428/
jab: kawazu@jabber.ccc.de * icq: 48874445 * fon: ++49 176 2447 2771
"One dreaming alone, it will be only a dream; many dreaming together
is the beginning of a new reality." (Hundertwasser)

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