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From Paco Avila <pav...@git.es>
Subject Re: Authorization with ACL and permissions
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2007 10:51:18 GMT
El mié, 26-09-2007 a las 21:22 -0700, bilobag escribió:
> We have decided that our client requires user based authentication for our
> app.  Now i've seen some posts about people storing an acl list in each
> node.  However, I am wondering how the performance is for this.  We
> originally wanted to use a database with hibernate to manage the user node
> permissions, but it seems like it could be a performance issue considering
> that we may have to do inserts for hundreds of rows per node (number of
> users x number of permissions).  I think this would cause a significant
> performance issue.  If I were to do the same in jackrabbit and store these
> user permissions in each node, would this be a performance issue?  Is this
> the recommended method of storing user node permissions?  I currently am
> using jackrabbit backed by an oracle database.  Any advice is appreciated
> since we've been discussing this issue for a week now.  Thanks.

In OpenKM we store user and role in a special node type:

- okm:authUsersRead (string) multiple mandatory 
- okm:authUsersWrite (string) multiple mandatory 
- okm:authRolesRead (string) multiple mandatory 
- okm:authRolesWrite (string) multiple mandatory 

each node (Document and Folder node) has this mixing. JAckrabbit calls
the AccessManager a lot, but seems to be fast enough for us. We store
20-30 gigas of documents (5000-6000 nodes).



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