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From Daniel Br┬čuen <dbr...@saltation.de>
Subject Jackrabbit RAR Deployment in Glassfish (and on Mac OS X)
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2007 11:58:44 GMT

After some struggling I managed to properly install Jackrabbit as a 
connector module in Glassfish (V1 and V2). I do NOT recommend the 
procedure that is described in the Wiki!

Here's what I have done.

1. Using the admin-console, create a new thread-pool for the connector 
module (->Configuration->Thread Pools). I called it "jackrabbit-pool" 
and left all parameters untouched.

  Deployment of RAR's does not really work because of the 
case-insensitive filesystem. You will get some FileNotFound-Exceptions, 
because both a file called "LICENSE" and a directory called "license" 
are created at the same place during the process. The solution is 
annoying: Stop the server, move your domain to a USB-Stick formatted to 
support HFS with case-sensitivity, create a symlink to that domain in 
your application server, deploy the RAR, delete the file called 
"LICENSE" in domain/applications/j2ee-modules/jackrabbit-jca-1.3.1/, 
stop the Application Server and move the domain back to its original 

2. Using the admin-console, deploy a new connector module (resource 
adapter) and upload the jackrabbit-jca-1.3.1.rar file 
(->Applications->Connector Modules). Here, use the thread-pool you have 
just created ("jackrabbit-pool").

3. Using the admin-console, create a new Connector connection pool 
(->Resources->Connector Connection Pools). I called it 
"jackrabbit-connection-pool". Then select the Resource Adapter you have 
  just created (jackrabbit-jca-1.3.1).

4. Using the admin-console, create a new Connector Resource 
(->Resources->Connector Resources), select the pool you have just 
created and give your repository a suitable JNDI-Name, i chose 

You have to restart your application server now (because of the newly 
created thread-pool). Now you should be able to use your repository via 
JNDI. In my EE5-bean I simply inject the repository like this:

@Resource(mappedName="jcr/repository", type=javax.jcr.Repository.class)
     private Repository rep;


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