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From Daniel Br┬čuen <dbr...@saltation.de>
Subject Indexing XML stored as property in nt:unstructured
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 09:41:38 GMT

As mentioned before, I need to index XML-data that ist stored in a 
property of a nt:unstructured node.
If I understand the whole indexing-procedure correctly I need to define 
the correct mimeType of the data, so that the correct textExtractor is 
used (XMLTextExtractor in this case).
Can I just add two properties "jcr:mimeType" (="text/xml") and 
"jcr:data" (="<xml>my xml</xml>") to an unstructured node to get this 
I know I can configure which properties are to be indexed in 
repository.xml/workspace.xml, but I can not attach a special extractor 
to the property there...

Or do I have to make use of nt:file and nt:resource (which I would need 
to extend then)?

Help would be great!


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