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From Daniel Br?uen <dbr...@saltation.de>
Subject Storing and searching XML-Documents in jackrabbit
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 12:38:23 GMT

I am currently working on a project that requires a large amount of 
XML-Documents to be stored hierarchically. While the structure of the 
repository is already designed and seems to work well (and it confirms 
with David's suggestions), I am not that sure about how to store the 
XML-Data itself.

My current approach is to have a single node per XML-Document. This node 
contains a number of properties which contain Meta-Information regarding 
this document and a String-Property containing the XML. This way I can 
easily find the document by path, read and write the XML and even search 
for meta-data... but I can not that easily search INSIDE the XML (or can 
I?). The XML-Data is something like docbook and contains a lot of text 
that needs to be searchable.

Do I need to create another sub-node and _import_ the XML, so it is 
unfolded inside the JCR in order to be able to search inside the XML? In 
this case I would exclude this sub-node (and all descendants) from 
versioning and only use the import-structure for searching, because the 
XML-String-Property contains the master-XML. Does this make sense?

Any hints would be great!


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