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From "Stefan Guggisberg" <stefan.guggisb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: adapting Jackrabbit to an existing database?
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2007 12:45:55 GMT
hi ralph

On 8/1/07, Ralph Spickermann <ralph.spickermann@uni-rostock.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently exploring if and how the JSR 170 and Jackrabbit could
> work together with an existing database.
> I have a DB2 database that stores collections of images along with
> structured information about the images in object-relational tables.
> For a simple example let's consider the following tables:
> Table Collection (
>  id Integer,
>  name String)
> Table Image (
>  id Integer,
>  parent Ref(Collection)
>  content Blob,
>  format String)
> Table Region (
>  id Integer,
>  parent Ref(Image),
>  area Double,
>  averageColorR Integer,
>  averageColorG Integer,
>  averageColorB Integer)
> The mapping to a JSR tree is not that difficult.
> I have Collecions that contain Images that contain Regions, so I could
> access the property averageColorR via a hierarchy like
> /Collection1/Image1/Region1/averageColorR
> In Jackrabbit for database persistence the tables Node, Props, Refs and
> Binval are used, at least for DB2. In the table Node the NodeState is
> serialized and stored together with the NodeId.
> Now I am thinking about adapting the Jackrabbit functionality so that
> my scheme is used for storage. For example, if I create an image, it
> gets stored in the Image table together with the image properties.
> How would I start doing that? Extending the SimpleDbPersistenceManager
> for my needs? Is it even possible and how complex would it be?

supporting (i.e. 'jcr-enabling') legacy data systems has never been a
design goal of jackrabbit.

developing a custom persistence manager that supports your schema
might theoretically be possible, but it's a *lot* of work and i certainly
wouldn't recommend it.

why don't you just import your data into jackrabbit?

in case you absolutely need to keep and maintain the data in your
legacy system/schema i suggest you take a look at the SPI project
in contrib which should make it significantly easier to 'jcr-enable'
existing legacy data systems.


> Another question concerns user defined functions that are stored in the
> database. Consider a function that computes the similarity between two
> regions by comparing area and averageColor.
> Is there a possibility to call that function  in SQL or Xpath queries
> from Jackrabbit? So when I have a certain region I could search for
> similar regions.
> I know there are some functions like jcr:contains or jcr:score, could I
> implement other functions as well?
> I am not very familiar with JSR/Jackrabbit, maybe you could help me out
> a bit.
> Best regards, Ralph

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