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From Nick Stolwijk <nick_stolw...@planet.nl>
Subject Re: Clearing WorkspaceInfo ItemStateManager
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2007 13:28:20 GMT
Sorry, I was just reading the page on clustering and noticed this too. 
It was my perception of clustering who led me into the belief that it 
couldn't go right. At this moment we are working with Jackrabbit 1.2.1. 
Is clustering in that version stable enough to use it, or are you 
suggesting we should go to 1.2.3 or even 1.3.(0,1)?

Thanks in advance,

Nick Stolwijk

Alessandro Bologna wrote:
> Actually clustering works because multiple repositories *are* writing 
> to the same database. When one repository writes into it, the others 
> are notified via the journal, and pick up the changes from the 
> database and index them in their local indexes.
> Alessandro
> On Aug 2, 2007, at 9:18 AM, Nick Stolwijk wrote:
>> I have considered clustering, but I thought it would go horrible 
>> wrong. If multiple repositories in a cluster starts writing to the 
>> same database, I guess bad things happen.
>> To clearify, multiple applications starts their own repository with 
>> the same database behind it. If you write to one of the repositories, 
>> it gets written into the database. If you cluster the repositories, 
>> the other repositories also wants to write to the same database.
>> I could be wrong, but I guess that would go wrong. :)
>> With regards,
>> Nick Stolwijk
>> Stefan Guggisberg wrote:
>>> On 8/2/07, Nick Stolwijk <nick_stolwijk@planet.nl> wrote:
>>>> I've got a problem with multiple repositories that are reading from 
>>>> one
>>>> database. This was going well, because there was no writing to the
>>>> repositories (so read only data). Now, one of the repositories is 
>>>> going
>>>> to write to the database. Because of the ItemStateManager inside
>>>> Jackrabbit, the other repositories aren't picking this up. Is there 
>>>> some
>>>> way, to get to the WorkspaceInfo or ItemStateManager instance to clear
>>>> it once in a while?
>>>> With regards,
>>>> Nick Stolwijk
>>>> Ps. I know this is a not supported way of doing it. But for now, we
>>>> can't get the customer to run a stand alone repository, that all
>>>> applications can connect to.
>>> have you considered using jackrabbit's clustering feature?
>>> cheers
>>> stefan

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