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From "David Nuescheler" <da...@day.com>
Subject Re: Workspaces advice
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2007 08:57:34 GMT
hi stefan,

> For what Mathew needs, I believe separate workspaces and a separate
> repository system might be a good idea.
> Here is why, he says that he is in a portal environment. That means he
> has different sites with different sets of users. None of these sites
> have data that needs to mingle.
i agree if two applications don't share anything you need completely
separate repositories.
separate repositories and separate workspaces are a different
issue though.

separate repositories means that you do not share
nodetypes, namespaces or versionhistories or any admin features.

i would argue that matthew will share the same nodetypes across his
different applications therefore or users (superusers or powerusers)
that oversee multiple sites and need to for example create new sites.
but of course i don't really know that.

anyway, it is important to clearly distinguish the requirements for separate
"workspaces" and separate "repositories".

> What if these sites are set up as
> completely different webapps? So each webapp would have its own
> repository, db, index and everything else. They could be accessed as
> http://domain.com/site1 and http://domain.com/site2.
> Would this make sense?
i agree that separate repositories may be feasible.
since our wcm customers are running large numbers of public facing websites
off a single repository workspace and i have not found a drawback with that
architecture yet (on the contrary) i would probably in the future also choose
the same architecture again.


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