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From Phillip Rhodes <spamsu...@rhoderunner.com>
Subject ObjectPersistenceManager vs SimpleDbPersistenceManager
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 15:50:46 GMT
Hello everyone,

I did some debugging for my performance problems with SimpleDbPersistenceManager.
I ran SimpleDbPersistenceManager with jdbclogger and found that Jackrabbit will issue 2+ sql
queries for each node as I iterator through the NodeIterator.  This does not scale well for

I am considering switching my workspace to use the ObjectPersistenceManager .  I understand
it is not reliable as the SimpleDbPersistenceManager, but since I won't be issuing 400+ database
queries, I hope the performance for my application will improve.

Am I risking the entire repository becoming corrupt, or just a few nodes becoming corrupt?
 I don't mind a few nodes becoming corrupt, but if the entire repo can become corrupt if the
repository is killed, I would appreciate knowing this!

Thank you as always.

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