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From Christoph Kiehl <christ...@sulu3000.de>
Subject Re: Audit Trail
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 13:51:37 GMT
harvey waters wrote:

> Our other concern is around the transation managment, we're using an Open
> Source stack tomcat/spring/springmodules/acegi/jackrabbit. The audit trail
> requires that all our write operations are held in a transaction. Now I 
> know
> that JackRabbit supports transactions but has anyone got an open source
> stack to actually work with transactions or would it be better if I 
> deployed
> jackrabbit into a full blown application server ? On ServerSide you
> described JackRabbit as a bit 'rough around the edges' I'm kinda hoping 
> your
> not including transaction management in that ?

We successfully use springmodules jcr component together with springs 
transaction management. Springs transaction annotations are used for transaction 
demarcation and our DAOs all just extend 
org.springmodules.jcr.support.JcrDaoSupport. Works like a charm.


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