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From Steven Singer <Steven.Sin...@radintl.com>
Subject importxml memory
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 14:51:59 GMT

How are people using importxml to restore or import anything but small 
amounts of data into the repository? I have a 22meg xml file that I'm 
unable to import because I keep running out of memory.

The importxml in in JCR commands works fine but when I go to save the data 
the jvm memory usage goes up to 1GB and eventually runs out of memory. 
This was sort of discussed 
but I didn't see any solutions proposed.

Does the backup tool suffer from the same problem (being unable to restore 
content above a certain size?)  How have other people handled migrating 
data between different persistence managers or changing a node-type 
definition that seems to require a re-import?

Steven Singer
RAD International Ltd.

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