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From Steven Singer <Steven.Sin...@radintl.com>
Subject Migrating versioned repositories
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 17:21:08 GMT

I am looking for some advice on dealing with changes to the structure of 
data in a repository that is versioned.

For example if you have an application that is storing a nt:versionable 
node in a JCR repository with a "name" property.   Your application allows 
the end user to browse historical versions of a node through some 

Now if in version 2 of your application you decide to change your node 
(and application) structure to have "first name" and "last name" 
properties instead of name.  Writing a migration program to alter the 
current version of the node seems straightforward, but what can you do 
about historical versions?

As I understand things, you can not change the contents of a historical 

Three options come to mind

1. Write a program that connects to the v1 repository and for each node 
creates a new node in a second v2 repository, starting at the base version 
and going forward through the version history.  You can apply your 
filtering before commiting each node version.  Some of the JCR maintained 
version related attributes will be wrong but you will end up with a 
repository that allows the application to view old node versions.

Are there any tools or sample code to assist in making a node-by-node copy 
of a repository?

2. Use exportsysview ot export the repository as xml, use XSLT or 
something similar to filter the data and re-import it.  It is unclear to 
me if you can use the xml exports with versioning.  If I try to import a 
the repository with importxml I get "cannnot add a child to a protected 

3. Not use JCR versioning but instead keep track of old versions of a node 
manually in a separate workspace. If I want to change the NodeType 
definitions between versions this approach on its own won't fix my 

Does anyone have any experience with any of these three options that they 
can share?  What is considered a Jackrabbit best practice? What works, 
what doesn't?

FYI, we are running Jackrabbit 1.0.1 (magnolia) but I think the situation 
would remain the same once we move to 1.3

Steven Singer
RAD International Ltd.
905-624-1888 ext 215

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