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From "Tako Schotanus" <quinte...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: DM Rule #2: Drive the content hierarchy, don't let it happen.
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2007 13:34:09 GMT
Let me start by saying that I think you're doing a wonderful job!
This makes us think about our basic premises and that can only be good
And if in the end we have a Wiki that we can all learn from, even better!

On 7/10/07, David Nuescheler <david.nuescheler@gmail.com> wrote:

> Maybe it is because I think that the lightest, most intuitive, most quickly
> developed and re-organized structure can be implied by hierarchy.

I agree, but I have the feeling that in your iphone-example you've
allowed yourself to be let astray from the most logical hierarchy
(comments are part of a post, they don't exist without the post so
should be part of the post) because you were already thinking about
access policies.

Of course in the end the law of conservation of misery pops up,
because what you gain in easy access limitations you lose in
repository management. And the other way around. Either you have to
implement a more difficult access control mechanism that looks at
individual nodes or node types or you have to write more code to
update multiple linked nodes in case that one of them has been

Anyway, the more people are made aware of the consequences of certain
design decisions the better. :-)


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