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From "Tako Schotanus" <quinte...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: DM Rule #7: ID's are evil.
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2007 08:52:14 GMT
I agree completely with this "rule", I just want to point out that:

On 7/7/07, David Nuescheler <david.nuescheler@gmail.com> wrote:
> Keep also in mind that items can be identified by path, and as much as
> "symlinks" make way more sense for most users than hardlinks in a unix
> filesystem, a path makes a sense for a lot of applications to refer to
> a target node.

this is not so much a preference but more dictated by the inherent
limitations of hard-links which make them a lot less useful than
soft-links (actually, in most real life situations they are useless
because they can't cross drive boundaries).

Personally I never use soft-links for anything "dynamic", like
documents or images in a user's home directory. They are prefect for
pointing to strictly named/structured files/folders like for example
dynamic libraries in /usr/local/lib or something. Even then,
soft-links are most often used for alias purposes (libFoo.so pointing
to libFoo-3.3.so or /bin/java pointing to /opt/java/jdk1.5/bin/java).

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