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From "Mark Waschkowski" <mwaschkow...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Removing Items
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 17:48:08 GMT
Roy said:
"In Java, setting an object reference to null is the same as deleting
that object if no other references exist."
100% incorrect and off base. If you set an object to null, then the object
references to the special value 'null'. Please see:

4.3.1    Objects  An object is a class instance or an array.
The reference values (often just references) are pointers to these objects,
and a special null reference, which refers to no object.

There is no 'deleting' of an object going on. Not sure if you are referring
to garbage collection or not, but deleting is not germane wrt the java api.

"The null type is just a language gimmick to bypass strong typing. It does
not exist in the data model."
You may call it a gimmick, but thats the way it has been from day one. As
well, there is a difference between the data model, how data is stored, and
api. The original poster is trying to discuss altering of the spec wrt
setting of null values, and the hows of the implementation is just that,
implementation, and it could be implemented one way or the other. IMHO, the
behavior is less than ideal and should be changed as suggested by the OP.



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