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From "Jukka Zitting" <jukka.zitt...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: XML import - only nt:unstructured?
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2007 10:12:26 GMT

On 7/13/07, Richard Kogelnig <richard.kogelnig@openforce.com> wrote:
> So it seems that jackrabbit supports the import of structured information.
> Is this correct?

Yes, that's correct.

> And if yes - is there a simple example how to accomplish that? (nearly
> same questions than in my initial mail)
> Is it enough to provide a node type definition file?

Before you can import content using custom node types, you need to
have those node types registered. See the JackrabbitNodeTypeManager
interface in the jackrabbit-api component.

Once the types are registered, an import will automatically use those types if

a) you explicitly provide the type information in a jcr:primaryType
property in the XML import, or

b) the import is structured in a way that the repository can
automatically infer the correct node types (using child node
definitions in your node types) to be used.


Jukka Zitting

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